I just remembered that I had one of these things. Neato!


Happy birthday

So now you’re nineteen. There’s all those things you could do last year when you were eighteen, like smoke, play the lottery, and join the army, act in a porno, carry a knife, own a rifle, adopt a child; all with the mindset of a whole new year. I wish so hard sometimes, that you were here to enjoy it all, and selfishly, that I could enjoy these things with you.



got it :D

i need to


download pivot. :(


oh my

It would appear that I’ve found Windows Live writer. Here’s a test post~





not that

it matters all too much, but my continued hiatus is still continued. Hmm. Perhaps I should look into this.
For now, interestedly yours, internet-

(I have no clue as to why I'm even posting this, I only have two followers...)



I really truly should update this blog of mine more often, but perhaps only after I graduate.
I have a youtube account now, for posting various retarded things that happen around my house, and for time-lapse digital art making. The first of these is available for viewing now. Hazzah.

But I think from now on I'll mostly only record these from TegakiE.com as to keep updating there too. I really feel awful signing up for these nice things and not ever updating on them.

In other, non-related news, there has recently been a fierce row at my house which included hissing spitting and a thirteen hour long 'trip to Lowes hardware for nylon washers' that ended somehow in a totally different state. Hmm.