Ah, i seem to have done myself in again. I have a week left till freedom for five weeks, then it's back to the droning push that is school .I am really debating on just getting an education through cyber school, because I'm sick and flat out tired of Highlands. I've ben taking two summer courses through Moodle, and it seems really productive. I am actually learnng. But the whole 'slow internet at home' thing has been getting to me. I'm missing deadlines as usual, mostly because of technical issues.
On wednesday, I didi in fact go to the movies to see HP:HBP. Since Becca needs to get her mum off of her back, and we don't chill nearly enough, I grabbed her and she came along too. It was oh-so packed in the cinema! We had to take the handicapped seats. y-oops. Since my family are, hello, lower class Americans, ten bucks a seat is a bit pricey, so instead of seeing the I-MAX, we saw the $5.15 matinee. Let me tell you, when it comes to film experience, you get what you pay for. The screen was all blotchy and had spots on it like an old film. And the resolution was way off, like a bad old tube monitor that you couldn't adjust. But it was totally worth it. Once again, Warner Brothers has let the fans down by omitting some of the juiciest stuff. Some descent snogging scenes were included though. Funds ran low and we didn't get to dress up either. Bah, oh well.

Also on Wednesday, the annual People's Library book sale started, so me and mum went and staked out the goods, and spent about $4.50 each. We came back on Saturday, the holy grail of book hunters; Bag day. That's right, as many books as you can fit into a paper bag of $3. $3! You couldn't pay me to not go. After a good four-full bags, we called it quits and went home.
Out of curiosity, we weighed our purchases, which totaled at about 64lbs. That's roughly 5 cents per pound, you can't buy deli reject bologna that cheap, it's a bookworm's heaven!

For a certain someone I found the last three of four books in one of her favorite series... *coughAlyawasacheapwhoreanywaycough* BRITTY~ :D

The first one just wasn't there, or Id've jumped on it. I also found a personal favorite in pristine condition, Mattimeo, by Jaques, and a assload of old Christy mysteries. Not to mention a deck of cards, a couple goodies with 'blood' in their titles, and the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes in one volume. Holy crap.

Well, now I'm just procrastinating. On Tegaki E, I'm currently on a WIP for Tsukiko's lioness, no I haven't forgotten.

Blargh. Toss us up some bezoar, aye? I'm getting lonely over here.


  1. FOOF you hasta tell me know. WHUT BOOKS DIDJOO GET ME!?!?!?!?!?!?! I's all asited Und an Englishman is going to be so kind as to give my mom money to get me home :3 so expect a fluff on your doorstep.

  2. 2421 South Brown Avenue Orlando FL 32806!


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