Happy america day, pesants.

Yes, while I am not patriotic, I do enjoy a good hundred or so mortars being launched into the air above a large crowd, then exploding into flame with sparkling, crackling colors, and a massive bang.

So last night, I went down to Natrona and sat just outside of Dresher stadium to watch some fireworks. Me and Mum and Shane, Dad tagged along a while afterward. Asia pounced me, (quite literally), so we sat with her, Boo, Brit's Mum, And some lady I do not know. During the show, Mini-Mike showed up and sat with us.
Before the show, Dad had offered us free stuff from the shop down the street. So to get rid of him, I sent him on a wild goose chase after a Monster, which took him about 20 minuites, because he didn't know what a monster was.

In the end, he came back with a can of Cherikee Red.

I gave it to Shane while he wasn't looking.

We had really good seats. I can tell you this, because we were close enough, that I got hit with some falling ash. Mum got dust in her eye too. And the sparks of a blue mortar landed about ten feet from us. Still glowing blue and everything. :D

But whatever.

I got home, and my computer shat all over the place.
Oh it was such a mess.

LATER, at about two in the morning, I sat in bed with 'the lake house', and was reading for a while. Some time later, I figured that I'd be in trouble for staying up late, so still wide awake, I put the bookmark in and turned the light off.

It was 4am. I was in bed, and I was mentally wired. A book that intrests me can keep me awake no matter how badly I need rest. Same with a good game. Amazing. They should do scientific experiments on me.

But they should pay me too.

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