I'm sick and downright tired of X and Y. Variables in general piss me off so much right now that I'm not even going to mess with my HTML now. I've been using MS Paint as a notepad for my homework, and it sure does help with equation solving, and it's easy on the trees too. Oh how I love my tablet. <3

OH! The sixth Harry Potter movie is out on Wednesday the 15th! Normally, I wouldn't make such a fuss, but it's not like I can wait outside Borders for another book to come out. *sadface*

So me and Mum plan do dress up like total n00bs, and wait outside the theater. I plan to dress up Shane like Snape and drag him along with us for the fangirls. Oh, magical.

In the news, the owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates is ofically disgusted with the team, so he is selling them on E-Bay. I kid you not.

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