For no particular reason, I feel like listing some things that are on my mind. enjoy.


1. I have an ancient pair of roller derby skates that I wear in my basement. They are black leather and have their original orange stops and wheels. But they need laces, so I don't go very fast.

2. It has rained so much over the past week, that my back yard was honored with the presence of a red-winged black bird. He ate some bread, skwaked a bit at some sputzies, and flew off. My mum saw him.

3. I am depressed.

4. Since borrowing Brit's stuff, and watching Underworld, and that music video, I ordered some CD's from the library, Atreyu is now one of my favorite bands.

5. A sputzie is a regional name for small, common house finches. There's millions of them here. Apperantly, it's a polish dialect.

6. In the news, that girl who got 56 stars tatooed on her face was lying. She got exactly what she'd paid for, but figured her parents would be angry, (which they were) and lied.

7. Lying is one way to make yourself the instant laughingstock of the intarwebs.

8. People who listen to Korn are stereotypically frightening.

9. Boo.

10. Korn is one of those bands that can perform live and still sound good. So is Aerosmith, t#12lly, MCR, and I think AC/DC.

11. Linkin Park is not one of these.

12. Monster shots do nothing for my energy. ...lost does though. Strangely enough, ...lost is made by Monster.

13. Today, I downloaded emulators for N64, NES, Wii, Gamecube, GBA, and I think Atari.


15. I am currently listening to 'King Queen' by GWAR.

16. GWAR once played live on the Oprah show, in full costume.

17. I don't much care for the number 17.

18. The number 12 is nice though. (ba-dum-chii!)

19. ...

20. I'm done now.

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