Yet again this year, a nightmare lives in the school i attend as a legal matter. As if one life were not enough, another was claimed.


Why do my friends have a habit of dying young? Is it because they are careless, drunken smokers/stoners that live hard? Out of pure accident, truth says no. It had been raining, and Spring hill road is notorious for it's dare devil danger.

Here's to you, Mike Martinka. Say hi to Brandy for me. I'm missing you both.
(So much for graduation. I would add 'getting laid' in there, but you were teens. I know better than that.)


  1. *gives lots and lots and lots and lots of huggles* This is just a really bad year :(

  2. *tight squeeze*
    yeah. You should see the hill where he crashed, it's carpeted in candles and flowers.


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