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So much nothing is happening up here in Penn's Woods, (or down here, depending where in the world you are, reader). And from personal experience, that is a very good thing.
Yesterday, I helped my Mum gather six carloads of free community compost to fill in the ditch in our front yard. So now, my back is bothering me a lot. I took some ibuprofen a few hours ago, but it's worn off since. I don't think my scoliosis helps the matter, but I don't really mind it.

When I woke up this morning, I was so damn cold that I ignored everything and coiled up under my comforter for another ten minutes. That, of course didn't help a bit, so I trotted down to the basement and found the fuzziest pair of socks you could imagine. Normally, socks annoy me. But I was freaking cold. I wore them in my favorite pair of converse lo-tops all morning. Which is saying something, because I'm not barefoot foof for nothing.

Today, I decided to jazz-up my lamer blog, so I pulled open trusty ol' Gimp2.4 and doodled a 14 layer header, and a 7layer footer that you currently see. Nothing too complicated or serious. I've made a sidebar border too, but I can't seem to use it... fft.
Also, thanks to the movely flash toys at aBowman.com, I have a lovely little lucky koi pond. Go ahead, click to feed them. (I was thinking about getting the turtles, but the koi are so simple and darling.)

Yeah, I'm still in the dumps about Mike. But hugs help. Anyway, I gotta pop on Moodle today yet to upload my math assignment. I really don't wanna fail.

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